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We design and create beautiful experiences with transparency and integrity.

What we do


DMDC believes that everyone should have access to a relaxing and beautiful environment.

We bridge the gap between the design and construction stages of any project and bring transparency to every step of the development process to ensure our clients never overpay again.

What we do

DMDC offers clients a comprehensive menu of integrated services.


Our philosophy is two-fold.  First, if we cannot provide a world-class service, we do not offer it.  Second, our professional services are provided in an integrated, comprehensive management role with a customized delivery to meet clients' specific needs.  Why is DMDC different?  Simply because we combine expertise with the flexibility of service delivery. 


Expertise and flexibility — it is that simple. DMDC is different from most integrated project contractors. Why? Because we realize that the overall project success is not attained through a mere focus on the end result; it is achieved through day-to-day discipline, collective ingenuity, and attention to detail.


DMDC's reputation is built on striking the balance of delivering project scope on time and within budget. 



Whether you are refurbishing or relocating, we offer a complete solution to your entire fit-out process. From concept to completion, we are
single point of contact.


About Us


 Throughout our years in the market, we discovered that living and working in a comfortable space make you more productive, happier, and more confident in everything you do. Therefore, the mission of DMDC is to bridge the gap between the design and construction stages of any project.


We understand the challenges that all homeowners and clients face and the mistrust that exists due to contractors trying to cut corners to save money. By bringing transparency to every step of the development process, we ensure our clients never overpay again.

At DMDC, we offer unique professional services ranging from residential and commercial design to complete turnkey fit-out and construction. In addition, we work with a vast and impressive network of top designers, builders, tradespeople, and wholesale vendors in the industry to ensure every detail of our client's space exceeds their expectations.

About Us

With DMDC, clients no longer worry about being overcharged. We engage you in every step of the development process. DMDC commits to delivering the highest quality within the budgeted cost as per the agreed time frames.

Some of our clients


We're ready to help you

We know how daunting creating the perfect space can be; whatever your project, no matter how big or small, we're here to help. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can arrange a suitable time to meet or have a call to discuss your exact requirements.

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