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From concept to completion, we are your single point of contact.

Landscaping Works


Landscaping can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your property. Even the smallest front yard or backyard can shine when it’s tastefully outfitted with just the right above ground or in-ground features.


Some landscaping features are seasonal and change throughout the year. However, certain permanent features remain unchanged and always provide the same aesthetic appeal and functional usefulness.

What are landscaping works?


It is equally important to create the flow and blend between your internal and external spaces. At DMDC, we pay attention to such details and work with our clients to ensure integration and continuity between the spaces. DMDC is here to transform the area and ensure it reflects who you are; whether designing and building or enhancing the sense of arrival is what meets and greets you.


The works include the soft and hard landscape as well as outdoor space structures, shading elements, water features, and swimming pools. We support clients in making their space-efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain. 


Always remember that simplicity is elegance.

What are external works?



Not happy with how your trees, shrubs, and ground covers are looking, we can carry out an inspection and provide recommendations on what can be done. DMDC horticulturists ensure that the proper selection is made that suits the environment and local climate of the project. We collaborate with individuals who have an in-depth understanding of the field and are confident of the result.

From water content to soil mixture, setting out, and maintenance, we will be happy to support and assist in every way to ensure you are pleased with the final look of your garden space. We can also support you internally with selection and supply; you dream and let DMDC deliver.



If you are interested in adding more external space to your home or refurbishing existing flooring, we can support and assist in every way. From designing new spaces to offering alternative suitable flooring options, we work by your side to ensure your satisfaction and comfort.  


Ranging from cast in-situ flooring solutions to tiling, we can cater to all tastes and requirements. Our specialists will always offer you what is easy to maintain and satisfy your requirement.


Pools and Structures

Whether an extension to an existing home, a pergola structure for outdoor seating, a shading element, or a stand-alone garden or back yard unit, DMDC will think, plan & design it on your behalf and come back to you with a suitable solution. Once approved, we will take it to the next stage and deliver it to you.

Understanding the criticality of getting it done right, we only work with the best teams and supervise them technically to ensure DMDC Clients are well served and get the top quality.  

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Swimming pools & pillars

External Lighting

Mood and ambiance are very important to reflect the complete picture and compliment the space. DMDC specialists support you in every step of the design and execution processes. We ensure that the right product that will service you technically and commercially is being selected and will assist in ensuring that the procurement and installation is carried out in the best manner to meet client brief and expectations

External Lighting

It’s more than just a fit-out. An office is a place where ideas are shared, relationships are built, and goals are achieved.

Some of our clients


We're ready to help you

We know how daunting creating the perfect space can be; whatever your project, no matter how big or small, we're here to help. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can arrange a suitable time to meet or have a call to discuss your exact requirements.

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