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Our world class designs will help you realise your dreams for the spaces that you want to create.

Design Services

We combine professional architectural & interior design services with our high-end luxury furniture and lighting as a perfect complement to each other, offering a range of packages to suit many requirements and budgets.

Our highly-experienced designers are fully qualified in interior design and architecture, enabling them to offer comprehensive professional services for domestic and larger-scale projects.


What are our design services?


We realize every project is unique. Therefore, we treat each project with a dedicated designer who will work to a world-class level with ultimate attention to detail. 
Each designer is highly knowledgeable and intuitive. We combine our design experience to ensure colors, textures, metals, and fabrics work in harmony to achieve the expected result.

Together with our highly creative Architecture & Interior Design teams and our Project Management & Construction teams, we can provide you with the very best building services, including new build projects and renovations & fit-out projects.

What are our design sevices?

Architectural Design


We provide modern sustainable architectural design, complete with engineering and interior design services. Our integrated approach includes technical feasibility studies and financial studies to ensure that project schedules are optimized and costs minimized. 

We deliver architectural layouts that are always practical. Authentic and natural materials and easy-to-use building services guarantee a harmonious and healthy living environment.

We emphasize sustainability in every project we do.

Architectural Design

Interior Design

We don’t just create interiors – we create lifestyles. We work hard to fit the interiors seamlessly with the architecture of the building, creating a clear style and character for the house.

We design for leisure, public, and residential sectors and cater to a variety of clients with modern, classic, and oriental tastes. By employing some of the best interior designers in Dubai, we aim for a world-class output in every project, from concept to completion. Our mixture of modern functionality, thoughtful aesthetics, and attention to detail will raise your interior design to the next level.

Interior Design

DMDC is your very own professional manager who controls the delivery of consultants and contractors.

Some of our clients


We're ready to help you

We know how daunting creating the perfect space can be; whatever your project, no matter how big or small, we're here to help. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can arrange a suitable time to meet or have a call to discuss your exact requirements.

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